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Will Writing Services in Wakefield

About Me

Hi, I’m Jodie Lawton – and I’m a professional will writer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

I became a will writer because I know firsthand how important wills can be. Without them, grieving partners, children and families may be left with all kinds of legal administration. In some cases, families may not be legally allowed to unlock assets at all!

That simply isn’t right – and honestly, I believe there is a lot of confusion surrounding wills.

Your will doesn’t have to be something you think about at the last minute. What’s more, writing your will doesn’t have to be scary, or rigid, or complex!

Writing a will is to make sure your executor knows how you’d like your assets split. In my capacity as a will writer and advisor, I’ll help you find the right words and help you navigate the law – one step at a time.

No Pressure, No Obligation

Many people put off writing wills because – well – it can seem scary! It’s never something people like to think about from day to day, but when you’re no longer around, you need something to back up everything you stand for.

I offer a comfortable, friendly and open will writing service. Everything is confidential, and nothing is set in stone until you are completely satisfied.

I’ve seen some of the problems that can happen when people don’t leave a will before they pass away. Partners and families already struggling with loss can find themselves with mountains of paperwork – and even increasing costs – if there are no legal documents to back them up.

As a professional will writer, I will handle all of your queries with care. Legal jargon and estate paperwork can get confusing – you’re going to need someone who can help you find your way to a will that works for you.

As I always say, it’s Your Will, Your Way – because everyone’s will be different.

My Experience

A will that isn’t written with care and attention can make lives very difficult.

I want to help people avoid this kind of difficulty! As an experienced will writer and qualified accountant, I’m in a great position to offer genuine empathy and support throughout the whole process.

I’ll give you the time you need to make your final decisions and write your will for you. I work with people of all ages and from all backgrounds – it’s so important to protect what’s yours, and what belongs with your family. Why should the process be complicated or even rushed?

You will have your will written with genuine care and compassion. It’s a difference I hope to bring to more and more people as the years go by.