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Your Will, Your Way

Because everyone's will be different

Your Will is your family’s protection

We all want to provide for our loved ones! But what happens if you are no longer around to care for the people that matter most to you?

Thinking about what happens after you pass away is never comfortable. However, one of the best things you can possibly do for your partner, your children and extended family is plan ahead. Have you ever considered writing a will?

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Will Writing

Making your wishes clear, legal and simple to understand.

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Protecting your assets and loved ones for years to come.


Popular queries answered with clarity.

What is a will and how could it help me?

A will is a legal, binding document that ensures any money and assets you leave behind are shared with the people that matter to you.

Wills don’t have to be complex – and the best part is, you can have complete and total say over what’s included. Don’t ever feel pressured to think otherwise!

With a will, you have the final say over ‘what goes where’ – and believe it or not, this could solve all kinds of stress and expense for your family after you’ve gone.

Writing a will is a selfless decision – and you can get started any time.

But where do I start?

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That’s where I come in! I’m Jodie, a professional will writer. I help people of all ages, and from all walks of life, realise what they’d like to include in their will.

I’ll sit down with you and carefully guide you through the will-writing process. I understand that this can be a very sensitive time – but there is never any rush, and there is certainly no pressure.

We’ll work out a will writing plan of action that supports you and your family for years to come. This is entirely at your own pace, and your own comfort.

I provide a one-to-one, no-obligation will writing and advisory service. My professional care is just that – advice! I never want to think that people go through will writing on their own – especially as there can be so much legal jargon out there.

As a professional will writer, I work with a team of dedicated solicitors and together we ‘sign off’ your will protecting you from any legalities. It really is that simple and means you don’t have to find witnesses!

I’d love to learn more!

Let’s have a chat and take a look at what you want and need from your will.

Without a will in place, your family may not be able to access your finance or assets after you’ve gone. The right thing to do – the most selfless action – is to create a simple document that lays everything out clearly.

I can help you with the following…

  • Create a legal, binding document confirming what you’d like to happen to your assets
  • Consider your needs regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)
  • Consider Trusts to help protect both your finances and the people you care about
  • Protect your family against legal red tape and potential arguments for years to come
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Cost of Will Writing Services with The Will Way

Basic Will


Mirror (Joint) Will




Power of Attorney Health


Power of Attorney Wealth


Power of Attorney is subject to a personal charge of £82 per registration payable by cheque.

Store your original Will securely in The National Will Archive, which will provide identity cards for you and your executors. At only £30 per year, I highly recommend this safe and convenient Will register.

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