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Frequently Asked Questions


As a Will Writer, I come across a variety of different queries and concerns. It’s understandable! I’m here to make sure you find the answers you need through what might be a delicate time.

Before contacting me, why not take a look through the following frequently asked questions? Hopefully, I can help you find the answer you’re looking for.

What is a Will Writer?

A Will Writer is a professional who can help you to create a binding will for when you pass away.

Do I Need a Will Writer?

Will writing can be really helpful if you want to make sure your document is legal, that it covers all bases, and that it protects your next of kin.

Can I Decide My Funeral Arrangements in a Will?

Yes – you can include your wishes for your funeral to be included in your Will.

Can a Will Help My Family Avoid Inheritance Tax?

With the right planning and advice, a Will can help you to reduce your family’s inheritance tax bill.

Is Will Writing Complicated?

No! Providing you work with an experienced professional (that’s me!), you’ll find it easier than you think to put your wishes down in words.

What If I Change My Mind About My Will?

You can amend or change your Will at any time during your lifetime – and a Will writer can help you!

Do I Need a Will At All?

Yes! Without a legal Will, any family you may leave behind might find it difficult to access any money or assets they are due.

When Should I Write a Will?

It’s important to consider setting up a Will as soon as possible – it may seem a little negative, but you never really know what life will throw at you. It is best to prepare for your family just in case.

Is Will Writing Expensive?

Not at all! Please see our Cost of Will Writing Services and contact me by telephone or book an appointment if you have any questions.

Should I Write My Will Myself?

It is always advisable to ensure your Will is legal and fully executed. 

Can I Choose Who Executes My Will?

Yes – you can identify who you would like to be your Will executor in the document itself.

Do I Need a Lasting Power of Attorney AND a Will?

It’s a good idea to set up a Will and an LPA as soon as you can. LPAs can look after your affairs during your lifetime if you become incapacitated or unwell. Read more about Lasting Power of Attorney.

Can One of My Beneficiaries Be an Executor?

Yes – the decision is entirely yours.

Do I Have Final Say Over What Goes Into My Will?

Yes – it’s your Will, your way and you have the complete final say.